Peaches and Cream Baked Oats

Whenever I think of peaches, I either sing...

"I got my peaches out in Georgia," or "Girl I'm talkin' 'bout peaches and cream!"

Anyone else?! Both are great songs! And did you know they were released 20 years apart from one another. Peaches and Cream was released in April 2001 and Peaches by Justin Bieber was released in March 2021!

No matter which of those two songs you prefer, I know you're going to LOVE these Peaches and Cream Baked Oats! They are gluten free and if you use nut milk, vegan protein powder and vegan cream cheese, they can be vegan.

This high protein and fiber packed Peaches and Cream Baked Oatmeal mixes Pinole Chia Oatmeal and sweet peaches baked together for a summery breakfast dish that tastes like dessert! This recipe was made by the amazing Aly Barr of @AlysOats!


Pinole Chia Oatmeal is high-fiber and packed with protein. Each of the flavors (Banana Cinnamon, PB + Cacao, Original) are great for baking. Check out our recipe cookbook! 

We love to make our Pinole Chia Oatmeal into all types of breakfast meals. From warm oatmeal to overnight oats to muffins! But I think Baked Oats are currently our favorite. 

Baked oats for one are so easy to make. You make the batter in a blender, bake it and then, in a short time, you'll have a dish that literally tastes like cake for breakfast! But it's healthy!



Did you make this Peaches and Cream Baked Oatmeal recipe?

Weren't these gluten-free baked oats the best? I mean what's better than Peaches and Cream as tasty baked oats?! Please leave a comment below or share this blog post on Pinterest or with a friend. For more, you can follow us on Instagram and Pinterest! Want to try Pinole Chia Oatmeal? Go here! We're also on Amazon!

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