Make Your Pinole Chia Oatmeal Like a Pro

Your mornings are about to get a whole lot better with Pinole Chia Oatmeal. 

Our Pinole recipe is made from Non-GMO heirloom Olotillo corn harvested from the independent, sustainable farms of Oaxaca, Mexico. Oats, chia seeds, and other powerhouse ingredients are then added to provide a high quality breakfast or pre/post-workout meal. To learn more about Pinole, visit our post here, but come right back for our prep tips!

Check out the benefits:

  • High fiber: keeps you full and great for digestion (you'll see!)
  • Packed with high-quality, plant-based protein
  • Filled with low-GI, slow-release carbs that provide lasting energy

The best part is Pinole Chia Oatmeal is absolutely delicious and comes in 3 three flavors: PB & Cacao, Banana Cinnamon and the Original. We love the PB & Cacao hot and the Original and Banana Cinnamon as overnight oats. It's so easy to make! Breakfast just got better.

Here are some pro tips that will have you well on your way to creating your dream breakfast! 

1. Milk + Oatmeal = Happy Bowl

We prefer milk (of any kind, including plant-based milk) over water for creaminess! It gives the oatmeal a thicker consistency and is overall better-tasting, in our humble oat opinion. Adding milk is also a great way to get more protein in the morning!

 2. Mix the Milk & Oatmeal Before Heating or Putting in Fridge

We have a lot of different superfoods in our oatmeal so in order to keep the consistency, mix your Pinole Chia Oatmeal blend well before heating it up. We recommend the same for your overnight oats. Mix your portion well before it goes into the refrigerator.

PRO-TIP: We recommend starting with 2 minutes of heating and add cooking time, if necessary.  Depending on your microwave's wattage, an extra 30 seconds may do the trick. 

3. Mitts on! Your hands will thank you!

Use oven mitts to handle your hot bowl and let it sit for a bit. We get it. You want your Pinole Chia Oatmeal and you want it now. But hold your horses (not your oatmeal bowl)! You don't want to feel the heat, literally.

4. Mix it again. Put those arms to work!

Don't judge the oatmeal when it first comes out. We may not look pretty AT FIRST, but with some time and a little bit of work, we'll get there. Once your bowl is ready to be handled, give it a good mixing. Sometimes the milk or water sits above the mix, and it's a little messy. Just mix it and soon it'll be a beaut!

PRO-TIP: If it's a bit soupy or porridge-like in the beginning, let it sit for a few minutes after mixing. It will soon be thick and hearty. 

5. The Original Flavor Likes Friends!

Give the Original flavor some love. It's super healthy but lonely. Toppings, like nut butter and fruit, are all invited to the party! No RSVP needed. 


Life's hard. We need a good breakfast to get us going. We want you to wake up and feel excited to start the day with Pinole Chia Oatmeal. 

8. Oatmeal out (mic/bowl drop).

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