Amalia Hernandez: Mexican Folklorico Trailblazer

Who was the woman who brought Mexican folklorico to theworld stage? 

Amalia Hernandez… a legend whose lavish dance spectacles celebrateMexican history and culture.

As Judy Cantor-Navas aptly puts here

"Her mission was to bring Mexico's traditional dances rooted in rituals and celebrations to the stage with a company of classically trained dancers dressed in colorful folkloric costumes. She choreographed dozens of routines based on diverse Mexican dances from every region of the country."

folklorico dance ballet folklorico

Through her ballet company, she is credited for keeping Mexican Folk Dance alive.

And what I love is that she worked hard to make dances that celebrate Mexico’s diverse indigenous communities. 

As writer and cartoonist Michael Cavna eloquently puts here, "Her journey to represent Mexican culture meant moving about her native nation, from coastlines to the mountain ridgelines. In the lands of her people, she pursued a creative excavation that fed her soul."

Watch below to learn more!



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