Oh, how I love Mexican Atole | Atole Recipe

It was a snow day so I made some atole…

So what exactly is atole? It's the perfect winter drink. Serious Eats' Managing Culinary Director Daniel Gritzer eloquently writes here:

"Recently, I've become obsessed with Mexican atoles: hot drinks thickened with corn and flavored with just about anything you can imagine. The gateway atole, at least for me, is the chocolate one called champurrado, and it has quickly eclipsed all the other hot chocolates I've tried."

Champurrado is delicious! I still salivate just thinking about my abuelita's recipe. Another recipe I love is from Yvetta Marquez of Muy Bueno Cooking, an amazing Mexican food and recipe blog!

Atole Recipe - Mexican Atole

Yum… but do you know the history of it? 

Well, this drink made ofcorndates back to the time of the Aztecs and Mayans.

How do we know?

Atole was recordedin Mayan hieroglyphics. 

Also, Spanish priests and doctors who were sent to the New World, documented the prevalence of Atole in Aztec culture.

In his accounts, Dr. Francisco Hernández described seventeen different types of atoles that the Aztecs would drink.

Atole with chile and honey and atole with chia seeds.

Our Pinole Chia Oatmeal is loaded with chia seeds, and our corn is from Oaxaca, Mexico!

Now, go try some!



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