Fiber Fruit | The Pinole Project Fiber Guide

What are the highest fiber fruits?

Does fruit have fiber? Yes, absolutely! We're here to answer your questions about fruit fiber!

The big question we're asking ourselves is: what is the best fruit for fiber? Let's begin. 

Fiber in Raspberries

Fiber Content of Raspberries? 1 cup of raspberries has 8 grams of fiber. The raspberry is a fruit rich in fiber!

Fiber Blueberries

Fiber Content in Blueberries?1 Cup of blueberries has 4 grams of fiber.

Strawberries Fiber

Strawberries Fiber Content? 1 cup of strawberries has 3 grams of fiber.

Fiber Banana

Banana Fiber Amount? 1 Medium Banana has 3.0 grams of fiber. We enjoy a high fiber banana!

Fiber in Watermelon

How much fiber does watermelon have? 1 cup (ball - 46 calories) of watermelon has 1 gram of fiber.

Fiber in a Kiwi

Fiber Kiwi? 1 medium kiwi has 2 grams of fiber

Fiber Pear

Pear Fiber Content? 1 Medium Pear has 5.5 grams of fiber 

Fiber Orange

Oranges Fiber? 1 Medium Orange has 3 grams of fiber.

What is your favorite fruit with fiber?

It's a tough choice, but we choose raspberries! 

Meet Pinole Chia Oatmeal

We love adding fiber fruits as toppings on our Pinole Chia Oatmeal. 

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The fiber in fruit is a great compliment to the high fiber and protein in the oatmeal blend. 

What is Pinole? 

Pinole is an Aztec Superfood made with high fiber chia seeds and non-gmo heirloom corn. My grandmother would add Pinole to everything, including oatmeal. 

The Pinole Project Fiber Guide

To learn more about high fiber foods and the important benefits of a high fiber diet (digestive health, gut microbiome, cognitive health), check out our fiber guide.



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